Pia is a contemporary hyperrealist artist and musician originally from New York City. Self-taught, she works with both traditional and digital mediums. Medium aside, her goal has been to create pieces of work indistinguishable photography and, most recently, to create immersive environments for her pieces. Fine art aside, she's a vocalist. 

She speaks English, French, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, and Sign Language and has lived in America, Europe, and Asia. She has a degree in Economics, Business, and Philosophy from New York University. When she's not hiding behind her canvases or tablet, she can be found jamming and singing on the piano, behind the camera shooting photography, and in front of it modeling and acting. Creativity aside, she has worked on Wall Street as an analyst and consultant directly for investment banking COOs.

Her most recent musical collaboration was with rockstar INORAN from renowned band Luna Sea in Tokyo for his latest album "Between the World and Me." She was also an official photographer for IGN for Nintendo's Mario Cafe opening at Universal Studios Japan. Prior to that, her artwork was featured in director Dan Schechter's feature film "After Class" starring Justin Long, Kate Berlant, and Richard Schiff. Formerly, she was a singer for legendary Indian music producer Bappi Lahiri. 

ピア·ソーニーはニューヨークを拠点に活動をするアメリカのハイパーリアリズム(超写実 主義)の芸術家である。 写真と見分けがつかないようなリアルさ、そして同時に伝統的なアート界に新しい風を吹か すことをゴールに彼女は活動している。独学で学んだアナログやデジタルなど、型に嵌らな い様々なメディアを使って表現をしている。ピアは芸術家であると共に、グローバルな歌姫であり、ピアニストであり、女優、モデル、 写真家、−−様々な顔を持つ。英語に加えてフランス語、日本語、ヒンディー語、そして手話を使いこなすピア。アメリカ の他にヨーロッパやアジアに住んだ経験を持つ。キャンバスに夢中な時間以外は、ピアノを 弾いたり、レンズをのぞいてシャッターを押したり、はたまたカメラの前でモデルをしてい る。 

Showcases & Features


  • Talent for Impossible Objects x Nant Studios Polestar 2 Demo


  • Vocalist with INORAN for his album "Between the World and Me," Tokyo
  • 2 music videos with INORAN for "Leap of Faith," Tokyo


  • Mario's 35th Birthday, Behance, Online
  • Photographer for Universal Studio Japan's Official Nintendo Cafe Opening for IGN, Tokyo
  • Recurring guest in Samurai Flag YouTube Channel, Online
  • Recurring guest in IGN video game reviews, Online


  • "After Class" by Dan Schechter starring Justin Long, Kate Berlant, and Richard Schiff, Feature Film
  • Queen City Coffee Roasters Grand Opening, Plainfield, NJ
  • Seasons of Love, Ayana Arts, NY
  • Merchandise Design for Official Tote, Ayana Arts, NY
  • Spring Fundraiser, Share & Care, NY


  • The American Dream, Room 2018 ft. Spike Lee, Parasol Projects, NY
  • BURGER, Artsy, Online, May
  • STILL LIFE, Artsy, Online, April
  • Jachary and the Stereotypes, Album Cover
  • Asia / America New Music Institute (AANMI) Grammy nominated album, Album Cover


  • Artist representation by Artsy affiliate, AS | Artists Studio, October
  • Amsterdam International Art Fair, Global Art Agency, NLD, August
  • Pia Solo Show, Greenpoint Gallery, NY, July
  • Hi-Fructose x Ello, Ello, Online, June
    Awarded the Popular Award, which included an art grant, online, November


  • Studio Visit Magazine, Winter 2016-17 Edition
  • Photo Real, Manifest Gallery, OH, October
  • Group Show, Greenpoint Gallery, NY, September
  • We the People, Arc Gallery, IL, July
  • Black and White Colors of Humanity, Online, July
  • People’s Choice Competition, Greenpoint Gallery, NY, June
    Runner up, winning a 3 person group show in September in 2016.
  • Drawing Showcase, Greenpoint Gallery, NY, June


Instagram: @psthatsme

Twitter: @psthatsme


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