Google x Diablo - Impossible Objects (2022)

Official BTS photographer on set for Diablo's mobile release on the Google Play Store with Impossible Objects; shot on the Google Pixel Pro 6. 


Official photographer for IGN Japan for Universal Studios Japan's Nintendo theme park cafe & shop opening.

Ayana Arts

Founded 501(c)3 nonprofit Ayana Arts' Visual Arts branch and branding. This included designing the official organization's tote bag, which was a (delicious...) digitally painted samosa.

Asia / America New Music Institute

Designed cover art and booklet for their album Transcendent, which is being submitted for the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Alternative Covers

9th Planet

Sketched and created artist Jachary and the Stereotypes album cover called Posse Cut #1.

THNK 1994 

Collaboration with the Brooklyn based museum commemorating the iconic "PA PING FIREWORKS" scene from Sex and the City.

Kanika Goyal Label

Collaboration with Mumbai based fashion designer for Lakme Fashion Week. 

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